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Affiliate Links:


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      Hi there.  Thanks for reaching out.  Sorry you are having trouble getting logged into the SMH affiliate system.  Please note that with the closing of sales for Secret MLM Hacks, the SMH affiliate program has been discontinued.  However, this does not ...
    • What kind of documents do I need to have on file in order to get paid as an affiliate?

      If you are in the United States, we need have a W9 form on file for you.  You can find the form here: If you are outside of the United States, we need to have a W8 form on file for you.  You can find the form ...
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      Due to Stephen offering Affiliate Outrage completely free, there will be no affiliate commissions paid out for promoting this program.  If you are interested in promoting Stephen's other products, you can find them located here:  ...
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